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since 2017

I help designers, individuals, and small businesses bring their designs or ideas to digital life on the world wide web so they can increase customer engagement, generate repeat website traffic, and improve brand presence.

As a remote freelance full stack web developer in Kansas City, I can work with clients whom are located anywhere in the world. Using my MEAN stack skills, Mongo/Express/Angular/Node, I create the website or web application so that the client can see and interact with it directly. With a focus on cross-browser testing, HTML Semantics, and Accessibility testing, I ensure each website gives the end user the intended experience no matter what viewport device is being used. I stay updated on the latest trends in web development to not only keep my clients' websites safe, but also to stay ahead of the latest trends.

I stay active in various freelance associations, I network with other developers, and I regularly attend local meetup meetings. A web developer’s education is never done which is perfect for me because I enjoy finding new ways of doing things. I'm able to work solo or in a team environment. Have a project in mind; contact me and let's discuss it.

Professional Skills

Technical Skills Level of Experience
HTML & CSS 3 Years Proficient
Javascript 2 Years Proficient
jQuery 1 Year Proficient
PHP & MySQL 1 Year Proficient
Photoshop 2 Years Proficient
Fireworks 2 Years Proficient
Wordpress Site Builder 3 Years Proficient
Drupal 7 Site Builder 2 Years Proficient

My Interests

I have a keen interest in travel; it is my goal to couple freelancing with traveling. I love the outdoors; fishing, camping and hiking. When I need an adrenaline rush I jump out of planes and when I need to relax I watch a good movie. I also was a competitive swimmer from age 5 thru high school.

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Is It Just Us


Is It Just Us is a News Aggregator Website targeting the Black Experience.

This is a website using the Wordpress content management system (CMS). I used the Mesocolumn Theme by Dezzain. I used different shades of green as my color palette for this website. To pull in the various news feeds from across the internet and to make sure the link goes back to the original article, rather than a page on my website, I used the plugin AutoBlog by WPMU DEV. To get the links to open in a new window on the browser I used the plugin WP External Links. My method was different; however I would like to give credit to Andrea Whitmer over at for the inspiration for this website.

I also made an effort to keep the number of plugins low to keep the website performance up. I am using unmanaged hosting thru RamNode. I’m using an Nginx in front of Apache App Stack thru ServerPilot; and I monitor the server’s performance thru New Relic. In addition I am using CloudFlare as a CDN (content delivery network) and a DNS (domain name system) for faster performance globally.

Get the Daily Digest

In a text widget I made a ‘Get the Daily Digest’ button using a CSS button generator which when clicked links to a form made using the plugins; Ninja Kick: Contact Form and MailChimp for Wordpress. The cool thing about this is it pushes content away while revealing the contact form. This particular form has all subscribers go through a double opt-in process, which conforms to anti-spam laws. Once subscribed individuals receive one daily email listing the latest news for the day. I also included icon links to twitter and a website RSS feed.

Get the Latest News on Twitter

For all those that love social media; I made a twitter account where you can get the latest news tweeted on your timeline. I used a free service called Deliver It, which takes the RSS feed from this website and tweets the title along with a shorten link to the original article. I was also able to include a hashtag at the beginning of every tweet to make it easier for those interested in the tweets to find them.

The twitter header image consists of two separate images combined. The image on the left consists of; the title of the website in large font using a bevel and emboss effect, along with a drop shadow. The website URL is a smaller font size positioned above the logo. The image on the right is a modified Photoshop template which gives the appearance of two images, one resting on the other resting on a computer monitor, which is showing a third image. Then I combined the two images side by side into one larger image and together it became the twitter header image.

Bruce Lee Tribute Page

Free Code Camp


A Tribute Page - Bruce Lee

This is my first project thru Free Code Camp. It is a one page static tribute page to the late great Bruce Lee; made completely responsive using the Yahoo Pure Framework.

When you hover your mouse over the top image, using CSS, "Bruce Lee" appears; then disappears when you remove your mouse from the image. The main larger image in the center when you hover over it with your mouse, using javascript, an .mp3 file of Bruce Lee's famous yell is activated; then stops when you remove your mouse from the main image.

Bruce Lee - Memes

The first image to the right when clicked, using jQuery, toggles 3 more images to the right of it. Click the image again and the 3 images to its right disappear. I also included some CSS3 shadow effects to the images to make them appear more pronouned.

Bruce Lee - Timeline

I also included a timeline using an accordion, made strictly with CSS. The accordion uses Font Awesome Icons that change to different Font Awesome Icons when hovered over it.

The illustration of Bruce Lee to the right of the timeline is divided into four equal parts. When you hover over the images with your mouse, using CSS, the images enlarge and then retract back to their original size.

Portfolio Page

Free Code Camp

Start: Portfolio Inline Boxes -->

Portfolio Page

This is my second project thru Free Code Camp. It is a front end development project of a developer's portfolio page. I based this on Cool Kitten; a parrallax scrolling responsive framework. I added a CSS responsive menu where the navigation, on mobile phones, is on the bottom, rather than the traditional position of the top.

In the contact section I added placeholders and patterns to the form making all input types required. Next to the form I added a Google Map showing my current location.

Portfolio Page - Portfolio

The portfolio section is made using the Photostack jQuery Plugin which I had previously purchased.

Portfolio Page - References

The references section is made using the Client Testimonials Carousel plugin; used with permission from CodyHouse.

Relevant Experience

2016 - 2016

Web Developer

Freelancer - ClarkA

Various independent freelance projects while working as a front end developer or back end developer.


2016 -

Free Code Camp

San Francisco, CA

1987 - 1991

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

SUNY at Albany


Code School


Try Git, Try SQL, JavaScript Road Trip Part 1, Try jQuery, Discover DevTools, Journey Into Mobile, Breaking the Ice With Regular Expressions, The Sequel to SQL



Learn the Command Line, HTML & CSS, Make a Website, Make an Interactive Website

KillerSites StudioWeb


Beginners Javascript 2015, Beginners PHP 2015, PHP and MySQL



Codeigniter Framework
2009 - 2010

Web Design Entrepreneurship Certificate (completed 15 credit hours)

Johnson County Community College

Courses taken:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML, JavaScript, PHP with MySQL


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