Hello, my name is Clark

I'm a WordPress Dev PHP Dev Web Developer Webmaster

I help designers, individuals, and small businesses bring their designs or ideas to digital life on the world wide web so they can develop customer engagement, generate repeat website traffic, improve brand presence, and increase sales.

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I am a Remote WordPress Webmaster

My name is Clark Alford. As a Remote WordPress Webmaster in Kansas City, I can work with clients whom are located anywhere in the world. Using my LAMP or LEMP stack skills, Linux/Apache or NGINX/MySQL[MariaDB]/PHP, I create the website or web application so that the client can see and interact with it directly. With a focus on cross-browser testing, HTML Semantics, and Accessibility testing, I ensure each website gives the end user the intended experience no matter what viewport device is being used. I stay updated on the latest trends in web development to not only keep my clients' websites safe, but also to be at the forefront of my industry.

Some of my duties as a WordPress Webmaster is getting the website designed (front-end)(what you see). Getting the website developed (back-end)(make it function properly). Basic on page SEO (search engine optimization) and analytics set up. Ongoing maintenance for your website. Managing the server(s) for your website. In addition I can arrange for your website content marketing, off page SEO, as well as SMM (social media marketing).

I stay active in various freelance associations, I network with other developers, and I regularly attend local meetup meetings. A Webmaster’s education is never done which is perfect for me because I enjoy finding new ways of doing things. I'm able to work solo or in a team environment. Have a project in mind; contact me and let's discuss it.

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How to Choose Deadlines for your Freelance Projects

Freelance work can be stressful, however if you have realistic expectations it will become less stressful and more rewarding. Remember as a freelancer you have the freedom to control what assignments you take and when you decide to take them. With greater freedom comes greater responsibility. Whether or not you meet your project deadlines as […]

Clark Alford

tech languages
Web Developer of All Trades is a Master of None

It has been said learn to program, not a programming language. That if you learn how to solve problems using code; the syntax or code that you use can be easily learned. However even experienced programmers have a learning curve when tackling a new language. If this wasn’t true there would be no need to […]

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Client You’re Fired!

All money is not good money. Some clients are a pleasure to work with; others are not. A bad client for one freelancer may be a great client for another. It’s the clients that are not a pleasure to work for that you need to watch out for. Everybody has their own definition of what’s […]

Clark Alford

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Why Free Code Camp?

In my pursuit to become a more recognized Freelance Developer I learned about Free Code Camp. Since I’m already familiar with the LAMP stack, learning the MEAN stack is of interest to me. Due to the commitments of life, being able to learn at my own pace is very appealing to me. This is something […]

Clark Alford

fiverr is not for me
Fiverr Is Not For Me

What is Fiverr? Fiverr is a web application at fiverr.com that allows freelancers to make a profile along with gigs (services they will perform), and then buyers can search for the service they’re interested in and make a purchase. Fiverr is a huge website in terms of traffic. According to Alexa, an Amazon company, Fiverr […]

Clark Alford

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Cross Browser Testing and Why It’s Important

Often times we live our lives in a myopic world; thinking the world revolves around the way we see it. For example “Homeland” is a great show, because I love it and all of my friends love it too (for the record Homeland is a great TV show (smile)). Even a show as popular as […]

Clark Alford

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