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WordPress Website Audit.

A website audit is an easy way to ensure your WordPress site is optimized to meet your business goals.

  • Mobile Testing

    I make sure your website is mobile friendly according to Bing and Google. This is good for SEO.
  • Accessibility Testing

    I make sure your WordPress site is disability friendly. I will increase compliance with WCAG 2.1, ATAG 2.0, ADA, and Section 508 requirements.
  • W3C Compliant

    I make sure your code is in accordance with standards set by the W3C organization. This helps prevent update problems in the future.
  • Structured Data Testing

    I make sure your structured data is written in a specific format so that the search engines understand it. This helps get your site noticed in the search engines.
  • Load Testing

    I will test how well your WordPress site handles up to 10,000 visitors at once.
  • Site Speed Measurements

    I will test the speed of your website. A fast website keeps potential customers and search engines happy.
  • Cross Browser Testing

    I test how your WordPress site displays across 2000+ real devices and browsers (including mobile).

A Custom WordPress Design.

I use page builders when appropriate to design and develop your website quickly, because I realize your time is valuable.

  • Design Theme From Scratch

    Your custom theme belongs to you and no other website will ever use your design. Your theme will be unique and look original.
  • Customized Just for You

    The administration dashboard will be tailored made for you. This makes it easier for non technical clients to handle things on their own.
  • Won't Look like a WordPress Site

    Nobody will know it's a WordPress site (unless they look at the code).

Photoshop or HTML Template Converted to WordPress.

Already have a design or template. I'll convert it to WordPress for you so you can easily edit your website whenever it's convenient for you.

  • Responsive Design

    Clean and semantic code; viewable on any device.
  • Customized Dynamic Content

    Custom-tailored interactivity, hover states and animations.
  • Pixel Perfect Development

    Pixel-perfect frontend (HTML/CSS/JS), ready to deploy or integrate with your CMS.
  • Bring Life to your Designs

    Easy-to-manage WordPress backend, custom developed for non-technical administrators.

Ecommerce. Doing business over the Internet.

Electronic commerce global web sales neared $3 trillion in 2018, increasing online share of total retail sales to north of 15%.

  • WooCommerce

    I specialize in WooCommerce sites. WooCommerce is the ecommerce platform for WordPress websites.
  • Merchant Account

    No matter what your merchant account is (as long as there is proper documentation) I can integrate it with your WooCommerce site.
  • Number of Items in Your Store

    I work with all sizes of stores from 1 item to well over a thousand. No size store is too small or too large.


Your website needs to be hosted (placed on a server) somewhere so that the public can find and view your website.

  • Web Hosting

    I only offer web hosting tailored made for WordPress sites. This ensures that your website will give your potential customers the best experience possible.
  • Email Hosting

    You may need a dedicated email hosting solution; for example if you wish to send newsletters. I provide email hosting that gets your emails into your customer's inbox.

Website Maintenance.

Your website needs to stay updated and monitored. This will keep your site safe and secure. More importantly it will keep your customers UX (user experience) engaging, increasing the probability of them becoming repeat visitors to your WordPress website.

  • Daily Backups

    If you use my hosting service your WordPress site is backuped on a daily basis.
  • Host to Host Transfer

    Already have a web host. I can transfer your site from your old host to my host for free.
  • Optional Packages Available

    Need greater peace of mind. I also offer Malware Monitoring and Remediation, Automatic WordPress Plugin Updates, Automatic Notification of any Unauthorized Changes, and Uptime Monitoring.

Qustion and Answer

Most common and important answer

If you already have a website (design and developed by someone else) and want it properly tested; there would be a charge. However, a website audit is included in the price with all websites designed and developed by me.

Yes, you can get your website Load Tested for up to 100,000 visitors at once. However, there is a small fee for testing more than 10,000 visitors at once.

Yes. Whatever format your design is in I can convert it into a WordPress site for you.

No. However if you choose to use my recommend hosting package, whether that is web or email hosting, you can be assured that your WordPress website will give your customers the best experience possible. Proper hosting makes a big difference for your customer's UX (user experience).

If you use my hosting service than yes, daily backups are included in the price. If you don't want to use my hosting service, but still want daily backups; that can be arranged also.

I can set up a server that will forward emails from your domain name (e.g. @yourname.com) to your gmail account. You will be able to use your gmail account while still using your own professional email domain name. The best of both worlds.

If your time is valuable and want to make sure your website is always being updated and secured; than yes you should get the optional maintenance package. With this package I monitor and fix problems immediately if and or when they occur. This optional package is best suited for ecommerce WordPress sites.

Simply put to make sure your emails get to your clients inbox. Anyone can send emails, however if it doesn't end up in the clients inbox they may never see it. I can also provide a simple to use email template builder for sending newsletters.